RRP £99

There are a lot of Dash Cams on the market, and they’re all roughly the same, right? Wrong. The Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam has a whole series of new features that we were wowed by (and we see a lot of dash cams!) At £99, this camera is no impulse purchase, but some of its new features could actually save your life.

So, what’s so amazing about this dash cam? If you have a bad enough accident, it will actually call the emergency services for you. We didn’t exaggerate! The way Nextbase has done this is clever: if a signal went out to the emergency services every time someone got in a minor accident, it would waste valuable time. However, the alarm doesn’t go off for low speed accidents, and it also gives you due warning when it is going to send an emergency signal, meaning if you don’t need assistance, you can reach over and cancel it. If you do need help, it will contact emergency services not only with a call for help also crucial information such as your blood type and medical history. This could make all the difference if you or your passengers are in trouble.  

The Emergency SOS is FREE for the first 12 months. It only requires a subscription to MyNextbase Emergency SOS after the free period and only IF you want it.  However, this is not all that the dash cam does. It also auto-syncs to your phone and has an incredibly accurate GPS system, through using both the American and Russian satellite systems. The GPS also refreshes at 10HZ, meaning it updates information regularly and keeps its tracking on Google Maps smooth.

Another feature that really impressed me was the Intelligent Parking Mode. This isn’t parking assistance: instead, the dash cam is able to efficiently save power whilst still recording should anything go wrong with your car. You don’t have to activate this mode, but if you do, whenever your car’s ignition turns off, the dash cam will shut down everything except its G-force sensor. If something jolts your car, be it another car or someone trying to break in, the dash cam starts recording for 30 seconds. It can sit on stand-by like this for over a week.

With all of these features, there are many reasons to invest in the 322GW Dash Cam. The only downside, for me, is that you have to pay a subscription to the SOS system, but even so, this is a fantastic product that goes far beyond the standard. Just be sure to check its specs to make sure it is compatible with your phone and country before purchase.



SOS emergency signal
Accurate GPS
Auto-syncs your data
Good battery life
Intelligent Parking Mode

SOS Requires a subscription after the first year