SADES Scythe Gaming Mouse


I still recall the first mouse I ever used, which was a clunky white monster with 2 large flimsy buttons and an awful rubber roller ball that would clog up with debris quickly. When I laid eyes on the SADES Scythe Mouse, I realized just how far technology has come for the simple mouse.


First off, it looks great. A sleek black device with no less than 7 buttons, giving away that this has been designed with gamers in mind. Scythe is an apt name as it looks cutting edge.


Whilst I was not personally enamoured with the RGB lighting design on the mouse, I can see how this would appeal to others and does offer different settings so you can customize as you see fit. Giving you the choice of appearance is a nice touch.


What impressed me most was the fact that all of the buttons on the mouse are programmable. I was used to having to start afresh with controls when switching between games so to have the ability to customize the controls and have it remember for the next time you log in is genius. It also has adjustable DPI settings, which is an important factor for gamers too.


Having used it for a long period of time, I found that the comfort level was excellent. Using previous devices would often put strain on my hand and wrist, however the design of the Scythe reduces this to a minimum.


For gamers looking for a fully-customizable mouse, allowing you to jump straight back into your favourite games, this is highly recommended. Not only does it allow for longer sessions with minimal discomfort, it is also aesthetically pleasing and highlights the impressive evolution of the humble mouse.



-           Customizable buttons

-           Comfortable for longer gaming use

-           Looks great



-           RGB lighting design not for everyone




From £21.97


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