groov-e Wireless Car Mount


Every now and then, a gadget comes along that makes you stop and wonder 'why has nobody done this before?' The Wireless Car Mount from groov-e is one of those products and it is a testament to the evolution of technology.

With an option to mount it on your windscreen or air vent, the first thing noticed was how secure it is. My previous phone holder would sometimes fall off when I went over a particularly steep bump in the road, but the design of groov-e's product ensures this does not happen.

Another great feature is the auto-grip system, where the mount detects the size of the respective device and adjusts automatically to hold your phone firm. No more fiddling with manual sliding clips that would work their way loose during travel.

The mount can rotate 360 degrees which adds to the customisable nature of the product, as everyone has their own preferences, and the built-in wireless charger is perfect for making sure your battery does not run down during journeys.

In this increasingly-busy world, people want products that are simple to use and that do their respective job. groov-e clearly understand this as, once you have attached it to your window or vent, it does everything else for you with minimal interaction required. It must be said that this is perfect for those rushing between meetings, spending most of the day in the car.



-           Great design

-           Secure

-           Highly customisable


RRP  £29.99