HAIX Protector Light 2.0

RRP: £179.90

HAIX provide a wide range of sturdy work boots for any occasion, including shoes that specify their suitability climbing, trekking or even tree surgery. In the HAIC Protector Light, the company brought us a secure all-rounder of a boot, suitable as a work boot or walking shoe, but in the HAIX Protector Light 2.0, the company has taken this design up a notch, for only a £10 rise in RRP.

As suggested by the name, this pair is shoes is remarkably light and comfortable for the amount of protection it offers. With water proofing, puncture protection, protective toecaps and Class 1 cut protective, these boots will protect you from most forms of accidental bumps and scrapes. If you want a boot you can rely on in most circumstances, the Protector Light 2.0 is a great option. This boot is listed as a ‘forestry shoe’ with a high safety standard, and has not only been tested by forestry workers in all seasons, but has been approved by the Board of Trustees for Forestry and Forest Technology (KWF). It doesn’t get much more dangerous or rigorous for your feet that forestry work, so if these boots are safe enough for that, they’re a safe bet in most situations.

This boot fulfils S3 safety requirements and is comfortable as it does it. Its toecaps are made of glass fibre, which makes them lighter than steel caps on traditional working boots whilst keeping your toes just as safe. Despite their waterproofing, these boots also breathe nicely, made from hardy yet soft and breathable nubuck leather, and the puncture-resistant soles are metal free, again making them more comfortable than traditional work boots. These insoles also wick moisture away from your feet, are machine washable and are resistant to oil and petrol.

These work boots are designed by a team that understand the dangers and rigours that your feet can face if they’re unprotected in the workplace or in a tough terrain. They’re expertly engineered, easy to wear and, whilst we might not want to admit this is an important factor when choosing safety-wear, they also look great. These boots are fashionable as much as secure, so whilst the price tag might seem a little high, you really do get what you pay for.


Cut resistance Class 1
Approved by the KWF
Light, glass fibre toecap
Moister-wicking, machine washable insoles
Comfortable and secure
Look good