22nd July 2020, LondonTwelve South today introduces the TimePorter, a compact case and charging stand for the Apple Watch. Taking inspiration from a sunglasses case, not only can the neatly designed TimePorter hold all your essential Apple Watch accessories, it also acts as a charging and display stand. Whether users are travelling and need a case for protection or simply want a storage and charging solution that won’t look out of place on a bedside table, the TimePorter is the ultimate companion for the Apple Watch.

 The TimePorter can hold everything needed to dress and power an Apple Watch, including the extra-long Apple charging cable, an additional Watch band, a USB charger and more. An integrated portal holds the magnetic charging disc flush with the roof of the TimePorter so users can simply slip their Watch band around the contoured leather case for charging. A built-in spool within the case feeds out just enough cable to reach the nearest power outlet and also stops it from tangling.

 The TimePorter can also be used as a display stand due to its multi-angle case top that can be adjusted to give users the perfect view of incoming notifications and alerts whilst the Watch charges. For those who like to use nightstand mode whilst they sleep, just position the Watch horizontally across the TimePorter and angle to view. The magnetic charging disc will hold the watch in place.

 The Twelve South TimePorter is available now for £44.99 at Amazon.co.uk.