Utillian 2 Wax Pen

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The Utillian 2 is the latest effort from the Utillian team at a super-portable and discreet wax vape pen. The previous Utillian 5 was a more highbrow wax pen, now the Utillian 2 is essentially the budget edition, maybe more suited to those who are just starting to dabble in using waxes and other concentrates.

Straight away you will notice that quality has not been compromised. The Utillian 2 vape comes packaged in a lovely little case that is embossed with the company’s logo and feels incredibly durable whilst also being sleek and slim enough for your jean pockets at around the same diameters of an iPhone. There is also room in the case for the packing tool and the USB adapter so that you will have everything you need to vape on the go.

The wax pen itself possesses a simple and streamline design, it comes in either black or gun metal grey, both colours look smart and discrete, allowing you to smoke away without drawing attention to yourself. The Utillian 2 carries a modest amount of weight in the hand, so it not only looks high quality, but feels high quality too.

Like most other vapes pens, the Utillian 2 has one button functioning and is easy to turn on with five clicks, you can then double click the button to change the four voltage settings. A simple colour system means no digital interface is required – change to green for 3.0V, blue for 3.4V, purple for 3.8V, and red for 4.2V.

With magnetic attachments, the Utillian wax pen is so easy to load. Simply take off the glass mouthpiece to load your wax into the pen. The four different heats all produce a delicious flavour, but it is natural that the flavour comprises slightly when using a higher voltage. Generally, it is better to vape for a longer period on a lower voltage to get the most out of your wax. For the price, it also creates pleasing clouds and unlike other cheap vapes and wax pens, you can take a hit with ease without your lips burning on the mouthpiece.

Depending on your usage, the battery in the Utillian 2 should last approximately one day. With frequent usage you will naturally need to look for a charging point, but if you are just hitting a few times over the day, you will be fine. Of course, this pen is probably more suited to on the go usage. If you were having an extended session in the evening, I would certainly advice using a desktop device such as the volcano.

The price, portability, and the performance of the Utillian 2 wax pen all to be admired. If you have had a go with vaping herbs and liquids before, but have not tried wax yet, then this entry-level wax pen by Utillian is all you need. Even more experienced smokers will be satisfied by the Utillian 2. With its discreet and durable design, Utillian and distributor TVAPE are rising high above the competition.

RRP 49.99CAD

Easy to use
Portable and Discreet

Cons None

Rating 5/5