Eono Mobile Phone Ring Holder

RRP: £11.99

Website: www.amazon.co.uk/eono


Most mobile phones look great with their shiny glass appearance.  It seems a shame to cover them with a case however they tend to be super slippery and easy to drop.  So, if a bulky case isn’t your bag then try the Eono phone ring.  It simply sticks on the back of your phone with a super adhesive 3M pad.   When it’s closed it adds texture to the phone making it easier to grip and less likely to be dropped.  When the ring is open you can slot a finger through making it a safer option to carry your phone.  The ring feels quality made of steel and spins 360 degrees to what feels best.  Also, you can use it as a stand to watch your favourites shows.



Simple design

Easy to use



Rating 4/5