eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell


Home security brings fantastic peace of mind. Whether it’s to identify unexpected callers, to make sure that you don’t miss a parcel whilst you’re in the garden, or simply to avoid door-to-door salespeople, the eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell is a really handy device. As soon as we started testing it, it made me wonder why we haven’t all switched out our doorbells for this modern update.

This doorbell alerts you in real-time both when it’s rung and when it detects motion outside your front door, sending your phone video footage of who’s outside. Using an advanced detection system, you can decide whether you want it to watch out for movement in settable activity zones, and you can also tell it to use smart human detection, which stops you getting an alert every time a car or cat goes by.

This footage is saved for you to review again later if need-be. It is stored locally, which I’ve put as both a pro and a con. The con is that there’s the potential for it to be lost – especially in the event of the doorbell being damaged during an unpleasant situation. However, the advantage is that you don’t have any monthly cloud storage fees, and you also don’t need to worry about these scares of cloud-based home monitoring systems being hacked, which happens too often for comfort.

In terms of image quality, traditional peep holes often offer a limited view, but this doorbell has an opened-up aspect ratio of 4: 3. In English, that means you can see the person at your door from head to toe, removing any chance of surprises. Along with this, you also have fantastic image charity, thanks to a professional-grade lens and a built-in Sony 2K sensor. Even more impressive was how clear the images still were at night – an essential element in a security system.

This device has an amazing battery life. From one charge, it can keep powered for roughly half a year! Alternatively, if you wire it up, you never need to worry about its power again.

Over-all, this device does everything you could ask for. The initial price is a little high, but there aren’t any monthly costs to worry about. For both convenience and peace of mind, this is a great little purchase – my original doorbell seems useless now!


Good picture quality
Easy to install
Motion detection
Night vision
No monthly fees
Data stored locally

Data stored locally