VLOG Pocket 2

In an ever-evolving world of phone and photographic accessories, a product comes along once in a while that stands out from the crowd. Despite being small and lightweight, the VLOG Pocket 2 just happens to be one of those products demanding to be noticed in a tough market.

There is a very good reason to shout about this gimbal. It is packed full of clever options which makes it a great accessory when heading out to take photos, and is compatible with most types of smart phone.

With an impressive battery life, the VLOG Pocket 2 is an accessory that you can take with you on any excursion without worry that it will run out of power. However, the different modes available through the device are one of the key USPs, with great variety that made it easy and fun to take lots of photos while standing still or while moving around. One concern I had before using this was the stability of the gimbal as previous products tended to prove awkward when wanting to take a picture while on the move. Thankfully, the modes offered ensured a focused photo with no significant blurring.

Clearly designed to make life easier when out and about, the VLOG Pocket 2 may be clever but does it warrant the $99 price tag? Despite initially feeling pretty steep, other gimbals offering similar options do tend to be priced much higher. When considering the quality of the product design and the fact it will be your gimbal of choice for the foreseeable future, this little accessory really does stand up well.

When it comes to products such as this, it is important they are easy to use and offer simple instructions rather than overcomplicating the whole set up. The VLOG Pocket 2 has been designed to be used on the go so is refreshingly easy to grab, use and store away, with clear instructions how to use the different modes, including pivoting the gimbal between portrait and landscape. You never have to touch the phone screen, which is held very secure, meaning that all actions are done via the gimbal controls.

Especially useful for the YouTube generation, the VLOG Pocket 2 will make a great addition to anyone’s smart phone accessories.



  • Compatible with most smart phones
  • Easy and quick to use
  • No overcomplicated instructions


RRP $99