X30 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



A lot of us have been spending more time than usual at home lately, and I’m sure that many us kept ourselves busy at one point or another by having a big ol’ clean. With all that time to kill and the same carpets greeting me every day, I was extremely glad that I had the X30 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to review!

This vacuum is Roidmi’s latest in a line of cordless machines that are fast becoming the desired choice over plug-in vacuums. Lighter and all-round less of a chore to whip out for a spot of cleaning, wireless vacuums make tackling the house a far less daunting task, and the X30 Pro is a fantastic model with a few flashy add-ons.

Worth mentioning up top because it’s very desirable at the moment, the X30 Pro comes with the ZiWei Sterilization System – a system that helps to sterilize both your carpets and your machine. In fact, the X30 Pro is an effective triple-threat to dust, able to move between or combine vacuuming, mopping and sterilization cleaning modes.

This efficiency is added to by an innovative set of brush heads. Sure, vacuums tend to come with several brush options that we don’t always give much thought, but they make a huge impact. The X30 Pro’s brushes are fantastic – the main brush head rotates intelligently as you go, letting you easily clean the annoying nooks and crannies that usually slow vacuuming down. A snazzy LED lamp even lights up those dark corners so nothing gets missed.

Another flashy touch is an OLED colour screen that tells you information such as suction levels, electricity use and, most usefully, battery level. In anything wireless, running time is important. The X30 Pro has an impressive 70 minutes’ run time after a 2.5-hour charge, kicking out 150W suction power.

This model features a complex eight-cone separation cyclone and six levels of dust filters, but what you need to know about all of this is that it’s fantastic at picking up dust. My carpets and furniture were cleaner than they’ve been in ages.  And, brilliantly, it's quiet!

Quiet, powerful, efficient at cleaning and easy to bring out, the X30 Pro is everything you could want from a vacuum. It has even made sure that emptying it avoids needing to make any contact with dust, so you can be as much of a neat-freak as you desire.


Wireless and lightweight

Synchronized vacuuming, mopping and sterilizing

ZiWei Sterilization System

150W Suction Power

70 Minutes' Long Running-time

NEX-V all-powerful Brush

OLED smart color screen

No-touch dirt emptying