STM – Trilogy Laptop Backpack

As STM boast on their website – good things come in threes! And this is no exception with their new Trilogy Laptop Backpack. This bag really is a triple threat with three main compartments, three smaller pockets, and three colours to choose from – black, dark navy, granite grey. This 24L capacity backpack seems to have it all!

I have gone through a lot of sub-par backpacks over the years. The main problems that I have encountered include size, strength, and waterproofing. Before the Trilogy Laptop Backpack from STM, my bag did not have the correct dimensions to fit my laptop in with all my other stuff – therefore, I would have to carry a separate case for my laptop. This just created more luggage! From time to time, my backpacks would eventually give in on me and I would find gaping holes in the bottom and around the zippers too. Once, I also destroyed a university book because my backpack wasn’t waterproof, I had to pay for a new copy of the book, and all because I got caught in a freak flash flood!

Fortunately for myself, this is where the Trilogy Laptop Backpack saves the day. Once again, they beat me to the pun on their website – everything essential to carry you through the daily haul! They are spot on here, because without fail, the Trilogy Laptop Backpack has everything you need to see you through the day, no matter what comes your way. The 100% polyester backpack is the perfect fit for all 15” laptop screens whilst also carrying the 16” MacBook Pro. Inside the main compartment, there is a large pocket that you can slip your laptop in, all the while allowing you the space you need for your additional items such as books, bottles or packed lunches.

This Trilogy Laptop Backpack also protects itself through the design. Reversed zipper coils mean that the contents of your bag are much more secure. A fabric covering that lays on top of the flat zipper teeth provides additional strength will keep out any dust or rain. Structurally, the bag is 100% polyester, but STM also added a layer of durable water repellents (DWR) and two extra layers of polyurethane that makes your backpack much more durable and comfortable to wear.

While testing the Trilogy Laptop Backpack, I wasn’t disappointed. It was comfortable on the shoulders and looked good on too. There was plenty of space to put all my things, plus the number of pockets and compartments meant that I was able to organise everything wisely, then find it with ease afterwards! Usually it’s a free for all when searching for something in my backpack – like a hoarder’s handbag! After a few test rides with this backpack, it certainly lived up to the expectations, the bag protected everything inside even in the worst of weather conditions.

I certainly had faith in the strength of the fabric and waterproofing of the bag after subjecting it to the daily commute, but one question plagued my mind. Will this bag stand the test of time? With it’s standard, unprovoking design, it won’t be going out of style any time soon. There are lots of backpacks on the market and I would definitely take a leap of faith with the Trilogy Laptop Backpack. I am confident that it will allow the freedom to carry your laptop around with comfort, ease, and safety. At a relatively modest price, this backpack simply reaffirms that three is the magic number.

RRP $55.97


Protection from elements


Rating 5/5