Comfyballs boxer shorts

RRP £20.00 upwards

Depending on which source you use, the underpant can date back as far as the 13th century, when loose pull-on underpants called ‘braies’ were invented. These baggy, calf-length undergarments were often made from linen and worn by knights below their armour.  So, with centuries to develop the underpant, you would think there wouldn’t be much more room for improvement. Think again: Comfyballs underpants were conceived and designed in Norway to make the most comfortable boxer shorts ever made, as they felt that traditional boxer shorts are not designed to keep your equipment sufficiently in place.

I have been sent a few pairs of the Comfyballs boxer shorts and first thing first, I love the name! 

When you feel these shorts, you will notice how soft they are. Tailored using super-soft Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, Comfyballs underpants are extremely comfortable and breathable. Additionally, all the seams are flat-lock seams, for extra comfort and to eliminate chafing.

The Comfyballs trademarked PackageFront is designed to lift your equipment away from the skin, both because it is more comfortable and because cooled balls are proven to have a positive impact on fertility. So, not only will these feel good to wear, but they may help to increase sperm count!

These are super comfortable and supportive under crackers - I love them.



No chafe

Well made



Price, but they are really lovely