Melitta Look V Therm Timer


Melitta have been serving hot cups of coffee for over a hundred years now. Founded in 1908, as a humble manufacturer of coffee filters, they have now grown into an established company in an incredibly competitive industry. Due to a few famous brands that dominate the market, you may have overlooked Melitta, but you will certainly not be overlooking the Melitta Look V Therm Timer!

Sticking to their timeless premise of filter coffee, the Melitta Look V Therm Timer is an easy to use coffee machine that allows you to enjoy your cup of joe whenever you want and however you want! Like most coffee machines, you simply fill the water tank of your machine, load a coffee filter and some of your favourite blend – and then you are good to go!

Melitta provide a simple interface on the Look V Therm Timer. This LED display allows you to select a time for the machine to turn on, whilst using the Melitta AromaSelector to pick the strength of your coffee. Of course, I set this to 6am and chose to have the strongest brew! I can confirm that this changed my life, subtly, but nonetheless for the better! Usually, preparing yourself for the day ahead can be a rushed ordeal, so the convenience that the Melitta Look V Therm Timer provides could prove to be very desirable need in many of your lives. Though it does only take a few minutes to prepare a cup of coffee usually, waking up to the smell of a hot brew will lift you out of bed like a cartoon character floating in the air towards the source of a delicious smell. The crucial minutes I have saved in my morning routine are now spent enjoying my Melitta filter coffee.

The Therm will keep the coffee hot for at least 2 hours however we found it can stay hot for 4 or 5 hours.

However, you don’t just get a lovely hot beverage from the Melitta Look V Therm Timer, it will also notify you when you should conduct the descaling programme. The box comes with instructions that make this a straightforward task. This makes all the difference compared to finding out the hard way and seeing all the scaly water floating at the top of your mug.

I am very impressed with the new Melitta Look V Therm Timer coffee machine. Other brands that use pods are not as good for the environment because you cannot recycle the pods. But with Melitta, all that you need is ground coffee and a filter. The machine is efficient and convenience whilst creating minimal noise when it is in use. If you are like me and you need a caffeine kick to get your day started, and you are ready to invest in a machine, then the Melitta Look V Therm Timer is for you!

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RRP £119.99


Tasty cup of coffee
Easy to use/maintain


Rating 4/5