Long Battery Life and Powerful Suction Cleaner

Why stay on top of the vacuuming yourself when something could do it for you? The E20 is an entry-level model in Kyvol’s Cybovac range, but even this does a fantastic job. If I’m honest, I’ve never expected any of these autonomous floor cleaners to be very effective, but I was pleasantly surprised when we set the E20 loose.

Available in black or white, the Cybovac E20 is a sleek machine with a low height of 2.85”, meaning it can easily travel under sofas and beds - you know, those areas you don’t always remember to clean. With 150 minutes of battery life, it has more than enough time to cover everywhere you need. Amazingly, once its battery runs low, it will automatically return home to its charging station, meaning you never need to worry about it! (A full recharge takes 6 – 6.5 hours).

It isn’t easy to compare robot cleaners to regular vacuums in terms of strength: regular vacuums quote their cleaning power in terms of airflow (usually either CFM or AW), whereas robots only quote suction power (Pa). However, you shouldn’t view a robot as a replacement for your other vacuum – rather, see it as a handy add-on to keep on top of day-to-day dust. The E20 has a powerful suction rating of 2000Pa – compared to other robots, it packs a punch. Whilst it couldn’t tackle deep-rooted issues like pet fur (and it isn’t expected to), it made fast work of surface debris. Its streamlined airducts make sure that no suction power is lost, and it comes with three different cleaning modes: Auto Mode for generic cleaning, Edge Mode for getting into difficult edges and corners, and Spot Mode if you want it to focus on a particular spill or mess.

One element that impressed me was the Cybovac’s ability to detect when it was on a carpet, prompting it to increase its suction power. It can also detect and avoid obstacles, including stairs, and you can even mark out ‘no go’ lines for it to work within by laying down magnetic strips (included in the box). Lastly, you can control the E20’s directions and cleaning modes from an app, and you can even give it voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.

The E20 is a nifty little cleaner that packs plenty of power and is impressively intuitive. This isn’t a substitute for a full vacuum, but if you can afford it, it’s a helpful extra to keep your floors looking clean for longer.


Carpet, obstacle and stairs detection
Three cleaning modes
Large dust tray
Easy to empty
‘No go zone’ strips
Returns self to recharge
App and voice command control
Powerful, effective clean

Doesn’t have the mopping function of later models