Pipamoka coffee maker

A few years ago, it became all the rage to walk around with your steaming hot cup of coffee while on the go. For me, I preferred a nice stable desk to place my drink on as a couple of times found myself on the receiving end of a dropped cup spilling its scalding contents on me, and it wasn’t even my cup!

What a great concept then Wacaco have developed with the Pipamoka coffee maker. Not only does this smart-looking metal mug fasten securely, it also doesn’t spill and keeps your drink piping hot for a good 3-4 hours.

The clever design means that all of the components you need to make your coffee fit nicely inside the container, meaning no fiddling around when it comes time to brew or drink your beverage. All you have to supply are the coffee grounds and water.

The pressure brewing system works very well and the Pipamoka is the first portable coffee maker to use this technique, ensuring it really is very easy to brew on the go. It is not awkward or difficult to use, and brews your coffee quickly, which is great for today’s busy worker or adventurer. The coffee also stays remarkably hot for a good 3 hours, meaning no rush to drink it before it goes tepid.

One stand-out feature is the re-useability of the Pipamoka. No longer do you have to throw everything away once finished and it gets the green thumbs up that is so important for a product such as this.

For a coffee maker with such clever design and impressive USPs, I was expecting a hefty price tag considering it would be with you for years to come. I was delighted by the excellent price tag of £36.90 and am sure you will be too.

So ditch the costly cups made of card that are prone to burn-inducing spills. The Pipamoka has to be your go-to travel mug of choice for all future excursions.





  • Reuseable
  • No excess waste
  • Excellent price
  • Brewas-you-go


RRP £36.90