As a sufferer of such intense motion sickness that stops me from going on fairground rides, boat trips and even twisty roads, I was naturally sceptical that the Reliefband could kerb my nausea, mainly because nothing else had ever helped me before. It has to be said however that this little watch-like device delivered, and the effects were quite frankly amazing.

Unlike a watch, this is a product that you only need wear when about to go into a sickness-inducing situation. It is easy to use, simply applying some of the gel provided to your wrist and fastening the Reliefband over this area. Once turned on, it delivers a gentle pulse to your wrist that travels through the nervous system to the brain, which in turn then tells the stomach to reduce nausea. Very simple and yet very clever.

I jumped in the deep end so to speak when first trying the Reliefband, using it when facing my biggest motion sickness nemesis – water. Usually the slightest movement of a boat makes me feel violently sick, but I noticed straight away that my stomach was a lot more settled and I felt comfortable. This was only on the first level setting too. An hour into the journey, I decided to switch the Reliefband off to test whether the rocking of the boat would induce motion sickness and, sure enough, a few minutes later I was feeling pretty green. To my relief, turning the band back on quickly smoothed out the nausea and, although it took my stomach a little longer to settle down again, I felt much more comfortable and could enjoy the trip.

The Reliefband is a sleek, smart-looking device that doesn’t weigh your wrist down and it can be worn on either wrist, although I did find that it worked better on my left. The price may seem high, however it is a worthwhile purchase when you consider the benefits and the mere fact it helps you to be more comfortable and enjoy experiences that previously would fill you with fear and apprehension. With this little device nestled on your wrist, you never need to suffer the stress of motion sickness again.


  • Stops nausea
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces stress


RRP $99.99