Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

Over the past couple of years now, I have owned a few pairs of Bluetooth wireless earbuds. The key word in that sentence is ‘few’; because I just cannot find a pair that I am happy with. They either fall out of my ears, feel uncomfortable when they do fit in my ears, or the sound quality is tinny and poor.

Enter the Go Air True Wireless Earbuds from JLAB Audio. Small, snug…sensational! These new earbuds enter a market that is now saturated with choice, granted, but JLAB Audio has created the star of the show.

The Go Air True Wireless Earbuds are the smallest release by JLAB Audio. They are 20% smaller than the previous JBuds Air and they boast a whopping 20+ playback time. Impressive. The GO earbuds are kept in a small case that you can also plug into a USB port to charge. Most similar products use the same concept but once the case is not on charge, your earbuds will no longer charge themselves. But with the Go Air True Wireless Earbuds, the case holds 15 hours charge, so whilst you are on the go, your headphones will be charging themselves in the case even if they are not plugged into a charger. This saves you carrying a portable charger with you or searching for a plug socket wherever you are!

Another excellent feature is their sleek design. They are, of course, very small. And for a pair of earbuds that allow you to carry out a variety of tasks, the interface is incredibly simple. To turn them on, play songs and answers calls, you simply just tap the side of the headphones. But I do have one piece of advice – learn how many taps you need to do! For example – tap the right earbud once for the volume to go up and tap the left earbud once for the volume to go down; double tap to play or pause. Simple enough, right? When you have an incoming call – tap once to answer, tap twice to hang up…unfortunately I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally hung up on clients!

I am very impressed with these earbuds by JLAB Audio and will certainly be purchasing a pair for myself. GadgetHead highly recommends the Go Air True Wireless Earbuds – especially at just $29 (Apple Airpods are $160). Before this review and before the pandemic, I saw a lot of people in my gym wearing these and I wondered what the fuss was about whilst my current crappy pair of earbuds kept slipping out whilst I was on the treadmill. I now understand. There is certainly a hype around JLAB right now and it is justifiable indeed!

Rating 5/5



Easy to use

 Case charger




RRP $29