Infinix - Zero 8

RRP £230.00

That first peel of the plastic from any new phone is a moment of joy, but on the Zero 8 it’s a thing of beauty, revealing a stunning ‘holo’ surface over a liquid-smooth phone, traveling up to a diamond cut of appealing gunmetal grey. This phone looks like a piece of art (even the box it arrived in was attractive), and its commitment to visuals only increases from there. If you’re serious about phone photography, this might be the wild card you didn’t know you needed.

Looking at the Zero 8, its area of specialisation is obvious. This phone is sporting one mother of a lens – five lenses, in fact. Each brings a different function to the table: ultra wide-angle; macro; night photography; s night video; and bokeh photography – images with a blurred background in the style popularised by Japan. In-camera modes are all very well, but at the end of the day, you need to physical lens to capture the original RAW file data in the right way. Combine this with technology for image stabalisation, eye tracking etc., and you've got yourself one very good camera.

Of course, what’s the point of an incredible camera without a matching screen? The Zero 8 has a 6.85” display in FHD+ definition – that's Full High Definition Plus (apparently, HD just doesn’t cut it anymore!) I’m not a tech-head, but the smoothness and clarity of this screen was stunning. It felt so responsive. This impact is achieved by a 90Hz refresh rate, 180Hz touch sampling rate and a gaming Smart Turbo V1.0 acceleration engine, allowing the phone to load up images and graphics easily, whether you’re gaming or scrolling Instagram.

These may be the Zero 8’s areas of focus, but its achievements don’t end there. It’s comfortable and easy to hold – an essential for something that will live permanently in your hand! Another essential is battery life: this phone easily lasts a day without a charge, and when it does charge, it’s extremely fast (perfect if, like me, you often forget to do it!)

The Zero 8 is all about the beautiful life, from its camera to its display to its exterior. This is one of those phones that’s so pretty, it feels like a shame to put a case on it – though, of course, it’s such a good phone, you’d be crazy not to!

The Zero 8 has 8GB/128GB memory and is available in Sandstone Black, Apple Green or Crystal Green.


Comfortable to hold
Clear, high quality screen
Smooth and responsive
48MP+8MP Ultra Night & Ultra Wide Angle
Helio G90T+8GB RAM
Amazing photos
Attractive design