Proscenic 808C Humidifier


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My wife likes to collect house plants. She started out with a couple, and now every surface in our house is covered. As anyone else who keeps plants knows, the biggest problem is making sure that they have enough humidity. We’re tried a few small, portable humidifiers, but nothing serious – until we were asked to test the Proscenic 808C.

The Proscenic 808C Humidifier is a great piece of kit. A large 5.3l water capacity means it can keep running for up to 30 hours, so you can happily leave it going all day and through the night without worry. If you’re more discerning with when you want it on, it also comes with an internal timer, and to further remove worry, it has an auto shut-off when it runs out of water, so there’s no need to be paranoid.

This humidifier has some really handy features, like an LED screen that gives a read-out on the room’s current moisture levels, and a setting for humidifying your baby’s room to the optimal, safe level. A 360-degree nozzle makes sure humidity gets a wide-reaching and even distribution, with a range that can easily cover an average bedroom or living room – we tried it in both and it worked brilliantly, really improving the atmosphere in both. As the humidifier keeps track of the moisture levels in the air, it can even monitor itself to keep this consistently at whichever of the 7 levels you selected. (Really useful for those fussy plants).

Lockdown has meant we’ve been stuck inside a lot more than usual, so any products that improve the quality of our home are an instant hit. What’s more, the 808C made the air we were breathing feel healthier, fresher and more invigorating (and our plants have never looked better). It even had benefits for our skin – something that’s boosted by the 808C’s aromatherapy capabilities. It's amazing how relaxing this capability it - it makes your home feel like visiting the spa.

What I didn’t expect to see was improved sleep and productivity. Again, after the odd effects of lockdown, help in both of those areas was extremely welcome, and I was shocked to see how much more rested I felt. This product isn’t just good for your health - it’s good for your mental health. And, you’ll be relieved to hear, it’s quiet!



7 adjustment levels
360 nozzle
Baby mode
Auto shut-off
Keeps humidity consistent
Useful readout
Can combine with aromatherapy oils
30-hour continuous run time


Quite heavy