QDOS UV Sanitiser

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You may have heard over the years that our mobile devices are covered with more germs and dirt that toilet seats. Though it sounds like an urban myth or simply an exaggeration, it is unfortunately a truth that we must accept. With the global consciousness currently focused on disinfection and eliminating the chance of Covid-19 spreading any more than it already has, the UV Sanitiser by QDOS could not have been released at a better time.

The UV Sanitiser is a very simple device. Made from recycled materials, the QDOS UV Sanitiser is a large box that is big enough to fit your mobile phone into (up to 6.7”), and at the press of a button it eliminates 99.99% of surface bacteria on your device!  Using UV-C light, the box cleans your device safely and without any liquid whatsoever. The box is big enough to fit a variety of items - you could also choose to clean your headphones and other electronic accessories, or alternatively just keep your pencils in it!

Once you’ve sterilised your phone for three minutes (or ten minutes for a more intensive clean), you can then place it on top of the box to wirelessly charge it. The Qi functionality allows you to charge your smartphone while disinfecting other devices simultaneously.

The QDOS UV Sanitiser comes at a relatively fair price for what it does. It is a gadget that may be seen in every household in the near future: why buy a wireless charger when you can get one that also cleans your phone too? Because we use our phones so often now, they are rife with bacteria, and it seems pointless to sanitise your hands only for you to pick up your dirty phone again straight after. This is definitely the best-timed product to hit the shelves in 2020.

Rating 5/5

RRP £59.99


Efficient cleaning times
Also charges phone
Gadget for the future