JR Ultra X1000S Nutri Blender



The JR Ultra brand at Juicy Retreats is a line of high-quality juicers with impressive looking metallic finishes and the impression of having as many bells and whistles as a coffee maker. Any of the line would look fantastic in your kitchen, but how do they perform? We tested out the JR Ultra X1000S Nutri Blender.

There’s no ignoring it – this blender looks stunning. Its brushed stainless-steel matches in with the rest of the attractive JR Ultra line. However, there’s much more to it than that. This make is a 1200 Watts machine, meaning compared with other blenders, it packs a serious punch. It blends at a high speed, taking the wait out of your preparation for that breakfast smoothie when you need to be on the go.

Whilst it’s capable of this high-speed blend, however, it’s not your only option: using a touch screen control panel on the side, you can set it to a slower speed for a more textured smoothie, sauce or other recipe, and there is also a pulse setting for even less processed results such as mashing up vegetables for a stew or salsa. Whatever you’re making, this blender seems to have the setting you need - you can even grind coffee and spices! I would love to fill my kitchen with so many appliances, but there’s only so much counter space. With this, you can save yourself room by having your blender and grinder all in one!

Apparently, the key to this blender’s efficiency is its six-piece hardened stainless steel blades and its ‘bullet’-esque jug shape. I don’t know Blender Science, but I do know that its results were fantastic, so they must be doing something right.

This blender comes with a 1l and a 0.5l blending cup, which are both BPA free, meaning you can safely store your food in them or can drink your smoothie straight out of them. They come with ‘stay fresh’ lids to help preserve your food in the fridge, which is a huge help if you’re looking to pre-prep meals.

All in all, this blender works brilliantly, has a variety of functions without being over-complicated, and it looks slicks. It’s a plus to any kitchen if you’re looking for something with that little extra shine of quality to it.


High speed, low speed and pulse functions
Grinder function
BPA free
Stay fresh lids
Efficient blend

Highish price, but you get the quality you pay for