Rock Jaw Audio T5 Ultra Connect
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I am here to review Rock Jaw Audio’s T5 Ultra Connect, the company’s first foray into wireless products.  These are wireless ear buds connected with a cord between themselves.

I was chosen as I was not a fan of corded wireless earbuds, it somewhat goes against the reason why I want wireless headphones in the first place. However, I do see the advantages in being able to take them out and let them hang effortlessly around your neck rather than having to pop them away or hold onto them. In the T5 Ultra Connects, magnetic bases in the headphones keep them together neatly and stylishly whilst they hang like this, which is always a nice touch, and volume controls and a mic built into the cord makes for very convenient operation.  Also I was converted to this design when I was out on a run with my usual Bluetooth buds and one fell out into a puddle, this wouldn’t have happened with the T5’s.

In terms of outward design, these ear buds aren’t bringing anything to the table that we aren’t used to seeing, from the cord around the neck to the shape of the buds themselves. However, Rock Jaw has focused in on ticking the most important of boxes: quality. The box they come in has numerous sized ear buds to ensure the fit, also additional tuning filters you can fit to customise the sound to your liking,  The HD audio on these headphones sounds rich and clear, and an 11+ battery life is very impressive with almost a full day’s worth of play in them, you can just plug them in at night along with your phone and you’ll be sorted.

Whilst the outward shape of these ear buds is familiar, the fact that they’re made of aircraft-grade aluminium is something that stands out. The material allows these headphones to be lightweight whilst durable, not to mention sporting an attractive brushed finish to the metal. Inside, the headphones’ diaphragm is titanium-coated. Combined with CCAW voice coil drivers and Rock Jaw’s own tuning filters, it’s no wounder that these headphones carry a full, beautiful sound. Trying them out with different music genres and sounds ranges, from rap to electronic to classical, these headphones can cover whatever you pump through them. The tuning filters they come with elevate this even more, allowing you to select what you want to emphasise in your music, whether that’s a richer bass, clearer high-end or a steady balance. This is the first time I’ve come across this and it’s a great touch!

The T5 Ultra Connect has an amazing 12 meters connection range, and I never experienced any connection issues. The sound quality is that of a far more expensive set of headphones, and with Rock Jaw’s tuning filters, you can truly experience your music your way.

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Good sound quality
Hardy build
Tuning filters
Good play time
12 meters connection range
No connection drop-outs

Incredible value for money