Furygan Brad Hoodie

RRP £199.99



I know not all riders will ride in just a hoodie. However, there are many who do - we are all different. If you want that casual look and easy comfort but still want to stay safe, the Furygan Brad hoodie is the perfect protective product for you.

The Brad hoodie is not simply Kevlar® lined: you see, Furygan have worked in partnership with Kevlar and have actually had Kelvar fibres woven into the entire surface of the hoodie, making for a very comfortable, soft garment which in turn is incredibly protective. The well-hemmed cuffs and bottom prevent sliding and riding up, which means in the case of an accident, you should stay covered and protected.


I was shocked to learn that the protection this item offers is an incredible Triple A rating, which is the same level as most leathers. The protection continues with D30 removable elbow and shoulder pads, and there is even a pocket to take a back protector. It is also prepared to take the Fury Air Bag system.


As well as these pockets for safety items, the hoodie has two external zipped pockets and a further two inside.

I think the hoodie feels like an Autumn/Winter item, as it feels heavy. However, the woven fabric doesn’t offer much protection against wind or rain.  The top does look very cool though, with its subtle branding and logo on the back.  I would wear this hoodie as a clothing garment or under my motorbike gear in the winter because it is soft and very comfortable. However, in all honesty, I wouldn’t ride in it on its own, but then I am a 50 year old BMW rider and let’s face it, that is not their target market!

However I can see an enormous appeal to those of us who like riding in hoodies, either for the look of it, or for the practicality and ease of arriving in town and being ready to hit the shops without any gear to carry around.

In my opinion, wearing just a hoodie is a style over protection statement, but now you can have the cool look whilst also having proper protection. This product fills a gap in the market, and I’m amazed at how well it does it.


Looks cool
Triple A protective

Not good against wind & rain