With so many wireless headphones in the market, brands are setting themselves apart by excelling in a certain area (whilst, hopefully, keeping up in the other areas, too). In the case of the MW07 GOs by Master & Dynamic, this emphasis is on durability.

The ‘GO’ in these headphones’ name represents the target audience for these earbuds – people on the move. Extremely lightweight and hardy, these ear buds have been designed to be as convenient, comfortable and secure as possible whilst you stay active, and to survive whatever it is you’re being active at. They have an IPX6 water resistance rating – one step higher than the IPX5 rating that comes with most water-resistant products. IPX6 is the highest rating a product can get without being specifically designed for underwater use– aka, don’t try to take these headphones snorkelling, but you have nothing to fear from heavy rain, puddles and super-soakers!

Master & Dynamic are no strangers to high-quality headphones, and the MW07 GO are a wireless adaption of the MW07 True Wireless Earphones, designed to translate that level of sound quality into a product that can withstand anything. They are made out of TR90 composite – that’s the same material used to make ski goggles and other protective sports eyewear. You could probably run these over with a car and they’d survive (though I’ll admit I liked them too much to try it!)

These buds shouldn’t need to worry about surviving long falls, however, because even though they can, they’re unlikely to take any. That’s because they fit brilliantly – the earphones come with five sizes of ear tips plus three sizes of ‘Fit Wings’, an innovative silicone casing designed by Master & Dynamic to help them stay secure, all to make sure that you get the perfect fit. This allows you to throw yourself into your workout without worrying that you’ll throw your music right out of your ears.

This is all very well and good, but of course, it means very little if the sound quality isn’t there. Fear not – Master & Dynamic did themselves proud all-round with these. And, last but not least, they look pretty sexy, too.

The MW07 GO has a Bluetooth connectivity range of 30m/100ft and are capable of 10 hours of playtime after a 40-minute charge, plus a handy charging case. We received the Jet Black, but they’re also available in Lime Green, Electric Blue, Stone Grey and Flame Red.


Water resistant
Comfortable, secure fit
Good charge/play time
Aesthetic design