Gtech MYO Touch massage bed


The MYO Touch was invented by Gtech CEO Nick Grey in answer to his back pain, with the aim of a time-effective solution that could be used and maintained daily. The look of this design is fairly bare-bones, but don’t be fooled – this creation is surprisingly effective!

The Gtech MYO Touch does not necessarily evoke thoughts of luxury when you look at its design, but once I tried this massage bed out, my back felt much better straight away! After daily use for a week, I felt fantastic. As I’m sure many people can relate to, lockdown has made me incredibly stiff, and this massage bed did indeed alleviate some of that stiffness. Like any automated massage device, it can’t target specific knots and areas, so it isn’t a full replacement for a human massage, but in a time when we’re all aching from staying inside and we still need to stay away from people, this is an extremely well-timed product.

I was worried that the massage rollers would be heavy-handed, and I think how visible they are in the design contributed towards that worry. However, you can actually adjust their intensity to fit your preferences, and you can adjust the tension of the canvas for comfort as well. The thin canvas allows the massage bed to do its job effectively whilst also being a sturdy enough material to support you. All in all, it was a surprisingly comfortable and effective experience.

The bed is fairly easy to set up. However, ironically, it is a bit unwieldly at times, and when the package arrived it was quite heavy, so watch out for your bad back! However, unlike those cumbersome massage charges, the Gtech MYO Touch folds away, so it’s far easier to store in your home, meaning you can use it as often as you like without giving it a dedicated space in your home. This is by far the most convenient way to get a regular massage – just be careful when you fold it up and put it away in case you tax those freshly-loosened muscles!


Loosens muscles
Relieves back-pain
Easy to assemble
Folds away

Doesn’t look appealing
Still a lot to fit and store in a small home
Heavy when it arrived