Vista Pro Aqua swimming mask
£33.27 - £54.98

Ever find regular goggles restrictive? When I was a kid, I had a seriously uncool eye mask that I wore instead of goggles, and whilst it may have been big and bulky, I much preferred it. It was more comfortable, didn’t suction to your eyes, didn’t fog up as easily and I could see much better. Clearly, I was onto something, because this much more stylish range of Vista Pro masks from Aqua Sphere are taking off in a big way. These masks are receiving extra excitement because, not only do they offer a far greater range of vision than goggles, they also offer more visibility than other masks thanks to their all-across, one-piece lens.

What is there to say about this mask? It was comfortable to wear, it looks about as trendy as any piece of swimming eye-wear can manage to, and the amount I could see made it feel like I wasn’t wearing any mask at all. I’ve always been far too squeamish to swim goggle-less and open my eyes under water, but this is the next-best (and far more hygienic) thing!

The mask we received had a reflective lens, which helps to protect against bright sunlight for outdoor swimming. Other masks in the range come with a clear lens or dark lens, but I much prefer the mirrored kind just because I’m a sucker for shiny things. All lenses in the range also have anti-fog and anti-scratch technology, keeping your view clearer for longer.

if you’re looking to shake up your swimming attire, whether you’re swimming in the sea or simply the pool, these masks will take your experience up a notch.



Open, uninterrupted view
Keeps water out well
Latex free, hypoallergenic
Uv protection