Zeus Bolt 2 Herb Grinder

RRP $24.99

The new Zeus Bolt 2 Herb Grinder from Zeus is a new four-part, three compartment grinder, that includes an airtight case and pollen catcher. At first sight, this is a smart, sleek, and subtle. When the grinder is kept in the case it does not look there could be a grinder inside. If anything, it bears similarity to a small portable Bluetooth speaker or a pot of hair gel. This covertness could come in handy particularly if you are looking to keep your leisurely pursuits on the downlow. However, I do have one criticism of the airtight case - it is very awkward to close. It does not seem to be a screw lid and it does not seem to be a pop lid. Fiddle about with it for a bit and you can shut it, but if you are in a rush or simply just chonged, then you will find this to be a bit of a nightmare.

The grinder itself is made from Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminium and is small enough to cram into your pocket (diameter – 5.5cm, height – 4.5cm). The design is the same as many other grinders with a magnetic compartment to place your herbs into, a screw lid to collect your ground herbs, and another screw lid for the compartment where your crystals will be caught through the stainless steel mesh. The pollen catcher is a convenient addition to the box, and this makes it easy to scrape up either your ground herbs or the crystals. The pollen catcher is double ended, one side for scraping, and the other side resembles a mini shovel.

Overall, this is a lovely little product from Zeus. The black finish on the aluminium is makes it look rather luxurious for such a modest price and the grinder does exactly what you expect it to do. Besides the dodgy airtight case, we feel blessed god of lightning for helping us get lit.

Or maybe go for its bigger brother the ZEUS BOLT™ XL 5.7cm Tall and 7cm wide at RRP $34.99

Rating 4/5




Pollen Collector

Airtight Case


Purchase the Bolt 2 Grinder in Europe: https://tvape.de/zeus-bolt-grinder.html

Purchase the Bolt 2 Grinder internationally: https://tvape.com/zeus-bolt-grinder.html

Purchase the Bolt XL in Europe: https://tvape.de/bolt-xl.html

Purchase the Bolt XL internationally: https://zeusarsenal.com/bolt-xl.html