Clckr mobile phone case 

RRP from £24.95


Today, we spend hundreds of pounds on our mobiles, so we should probably protect them! CLCKR provide a range of hardy phone cases with a built-in grip and stand, to keep your precious device nice and safe. TheGadgetHead were sent a case for my Samsung S20: it’s a transparent silicon case that pops on the phone with a black, fold-out leatherette grip on the back, making it secure to hold and great for one-handed use.

The case’s slim profile doesn’t add bulk to the phone and doesn’t interfere with your wireless charging station. As for the grip, it clicks into place to be used as a stand in either portrait or landscape mode. The case feels durable and adds a nice grippiness that these modern, slippery glass phones lack. It comes nicely packaged, too.

What I like the best about this case’s design is that the grip can clip back into the case, laying flush when not in use, allowing a no snag entry into your pocket. Apparently, the case has been drop tested to 2 meters – I wasn’t quite brave enough to test this with my new S20, but it does feel protective and high quality!

This is a trust-worthy, well thought out case that will protect your phone without adding unnecessary bulk. There are several colours and options available, including blue, white and black for the case itself, and blue, silver, black, green and brown for the stand/grip.







Adds protection

One handed use

Doesn’t disrupt your wireless charger

Slim design



Made the side buttons harder to use, but this might soften with use.