Melitta® EPOS® Coffee Machine


Melitta Bentz and coffee go way back. In 1908, this company invented the coffee filter: over a century later, our enjoyment of the beverage has come a long way, and this journey is represented through the smooth experience of the Melitta EPOS.

Coffee culture has become about style and indulgence, and the visual design of the Melitta EPOS certainly fits. It looks fantastic in your kitchen – in fact, it made me want to update my kitchen just so it could keep up!

The EPOS is about more than just making coffee quickly. In fact, its aims aren’t about speed: unlike other machines, the EPOS takes a moment to allow your coffee to achieve its full flavour and aroma, much as a barista would in an artisanal coffee shop. The key to this is the Pour Over System – pouring water over the coffee and giving it time to swell in a process known as ‘blooming’. In the Melitta EPOS, this ‘hand infusion’ style of pouring has, for the first time ever, been incorporated into a machine, allowing a fuller flavour to develop.

If you’re nerdy about coffee, this might be the machine for you. Every part of its design shoots for this ‘by hand’ experience – it has a 360-degree rotating water spout to make sure all of the coffee powder is wetted, a built-in grinder that you can fill with fresh beans and set to different consistencies, or, alternatively, you can use pre-ground beans. I appreciate this flexibility, as there’s nothing more frustrating than being gifted lovely coffee beans or ground coffee (whichever you don’t usually buy) and not having the correct way to prepare it.

Using a touch panel, you can select the number of cups you want to make (up to eight) and the desired strength (mild, medium or strong). The EPOS then prepares the right amount of powder for both settings. This was really easy and took all the weighing and measuring of careful coffee-brewing out of the equation.

Once poured, the EPOS’ hot plate keeps your coffee warm for up to 40 minutes. I occasionally forget that I’ve made myself a drink and come back to a sadly cold cup, so if you’re forgetful like me, this has you covered! After 40 minutes, the hot plate turns off, to save energy and be safe.

The EPOS is very easy to clean. The water tank, bean container and grinder are all removable and the glass jug is dishwasher friendly. There is even a warning light that will tell you when it needs descaling. This is the less glamorous side of convenience, but very important.

All in all, the EPOS shows off how well Melitta knows coffee. It brings a touch of tradition into your caffeine, and it looks great whilst doing so. If you love coffee, this is a game-changing machine that’s well worth considering.


Attractive design
Adjustable coffee strength
Switchable grinding mechanism
Integrated grinder
Easy to clean
Allows blooming of flavours and aromas