Anker Soundcore Spirit X2 Headphones

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Do you remember when you had to thread your headphone wires up under your shirt when you went for a run? Do you remember the earphones not sitting in your ear comfortably? Do you remember how tinny they sounded too? Unfortunately, I do. But fortunately, it is a distant memory.

The new wireless earbuds by Soundcore live up to everything that you expect them to be. Out the box you get the pair of Soundcore Anker Spirit X2 earbuds, a charging case, spare ear tips, spare ear wings and a USB-C cable for charging.

The first noticeable feature of these wireless earbuds is the sheer comfort of them. Many over-ear and in-ear headphones can cause all sorts of discomfort but the extra-flex eartips and hooks allow the earbuds to rest in your ears with ease yet secure enough that you can move around however you like. No matter what you do, the Anker Spirit X2 earbuds will not fall out. There are plenty of options if the initial tips or wings do not fit – as the box comes with three sizes of each.

Soundcore had exercise in mind when it comes to the Anker Spirit X2 earbuds. The fit allows for full movement and the SweatGuard Technology allows for extra comfort as they will not be slipping about on your sweaty ears nor will the electronics in your earbuds be damaged because the submarine structure and hydrophobic nanocoating will protect them.

Of course, they may be perfect for the gym, but do they still deliver the audio-quality? One of the core selling points of the Anker Spirit X2 earbuds is their epic bass. And quite frankly, it really is epic. For something so small they pack a hell of a punch. This is crucial for a headphone that will be worn at the gym, there is no way that you can inspired by your gym playlist if you are listening to your tunes through some cheap tinny earphones, the Soundcore Anker Spirit X2 have a booming bass that will really get you into the zone. Plus, with 9-hours playback time (36 in total if you use the charging case), then you can do at least a whole week, or even a month, of working out without having to constantly plug them into a wall socket to charge in between.

Unsurprisingly, this is another huge success by Soundcore. They tick all the boxes for a perfect pair of wireless in-ear headphones. Comfort? Check. 36 Hour Playtime? Check. Booming bass? Check. It is a full house!





Secure fit
Charging case
Audio quality
Budget price