eufy Video Doorbell 2K

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There have been countless times in the past when I have returned home to find a slip in my letter box informing me that I have missed a parcel. Regardless of the delivery instructions I include with the package, the postman will never leave the parcel behind the bins or give it to my neighbours to hold on to, so annoyingly I must wait 2-3 more days for the redelivery. Luckily, the Wireless Video Doorbell with 2K HD by eufy changes everything.

The eufy Video Doorbell is very simple set up. All you need to do is attach the mount and the snap to your doorbell, and as it is wireless, this is all you need to do. It merely takes a matter of minutes. The HomeBase stays inside your home and this stores all the recordings from your Video Doorbell. The fact that all the data is stored locally on this device means that you do not have to pay any extra fees for cloud data or storage. To make it extra secure, the HomeBase comes with military-grade AES-256 data encryption to ensure that no one else can get access to it.

The Wireless Video Doorbell has features that allow it to be connected to your voice-assistant such as Alexa, and to your smartphone too. The doorbell will ring via your Echo Dot or your phone, meaning that you will never have to miss the door again. If you are away from the house, you can pre-record up to 3 instant responses, so if the delivery man comes to the door you can simply press the option for your door bell to say to them, “Leave it around the side”. Of course, if you are still in the house but a little bit preoccupied (or simply do not want to go to the door), then you can still speak directly to anyone at the door with the two-way audio feature. Maybe it saves you trip to the door all the way from the back of the garden!

Extra features that make the Video Doorbell by eufy unique include the Customized Detection and the Enhanced Human Detection. The Customized Detection feature allows you to draw a line on the screen around the area that you want the Doorbell to notify you about. If your camera is facing the street, you do not want a notification if someone is simply walking past on the pavement, this will keep the notifications strictly for activity happening on your driveway/property. The Enhanced Human Detection feature also means that if any animals scuttling past will be ignored. If you have foxes on your garden at 4am you certainly do not want the Video Doorbell to be notifying you that somebody is there, but if it is a human – you certainly do!

Ease of usage is crucial when it comes to any technological device. And when it comes to security, you want to feel sure that maybe your grandparents can use the Video Doorbell and feel comfortable inside their own home. With easy instalment, a simple interface, and military grade security encryption, eufy have mastered this with their new Wireless Video Doorbell with 2K HD.




Easy to use
Military-grade protection