eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

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Security and protection within the home is vital, whether you live alone, or are raising a young family. Home insurance and a burglar alarm can only be so effective and are fairly passive measures. The new Indoor Cam with 2K HD and pan and tilt features by eufy takes the next step in home protection.

Eufy have simplified this product by streamlining it into one device. Other products by eufy have a HomeBase that secures all your data on it, but the Indoor Cam comes with storage included in it. Videos from the device stay private but are available to access via a 256-bit encrypted connection, meaning to can see what is going on inside your house from the safety of your phone.

You can use the Indoor Cam in various ways around your house. AI can detect raised noise levels which can make it an effective baby monitor is you want to know when your child needs you. You can also speak to anyone via the camera, so if you need to let someone know that you can see what they’re up to, you can do this straight through your phone. Instant detection features mean that as soon as someone moves in front of the camera, it will begin recording straight away. Thanks to the pan and tilt built into the camera, this will also follow the motion so can keep viewing whatever is happening. If you want to restrict the camera action to certain areas of a room, then the Customization feature allows you to draw an activity zone on the camera, so if you wanted to protect a certain cupboard or drawer, you could create an activity zone around this to assure you that you would get a notification if anyone went near it. One of the most seemingly obvious security features the eufy Indoor Cam possesses is night vision. The dead of night is a time when all of us feel the most vulnerable, but with the eufy Indoor Cam set up, you can feel safe an secure knowing that it will notify you of any activity under the moonlight in your home.

Overall, this is another impressive product by eufy. All the features make this easy to use and of course they keep you safe too. It is not a criticism, but as this is only one camera, and if you wanted a set up for every room in your house, then you would have to buy a few of these. If you have just one room or something specific to protect in your house, then this is the perfect indoor security for you!



Motion tracking
Night vision
Easy usage

Only protects one room