Nightsearcher Galaxy 1200 - Rechargeable Robust Work Light

Price £31.15

We have received some brilliant work-area lights from NightSearcher in the past, but the Galaxy 1200 has the bonus element of being rechargeable. This compact work light is a small, convenient size, self-standing, is workplace-safe and, on top of all that, you can’t get caught out needing batteries whilst on site. Let’s get into it all.

I’ve always been particularly fond of this style of work light from NightSearcher: whatever their size, I like that this shape means they’re low to the ground, hard to knock over, and are safe for everyone around them. I have done plenty of assisting on photoshoots and film shoots during my time, so I know the stresses of an equipment-filled area, as well as the need to have areas safely well-lit whilst they’re being worked on. This particular model is very small, is a vibrant orange to make sure it can be seen in the dark even when it isn’t lit, and it has heavily padded, robust edges. These edges both protect it from falls (with an impact resistance of 1 meter) and even more importantly, protect the feet and shins of others! These edges also make it far easier to grip. It is a very small model, meaning it is possible to mount on a tripod as well as to leave it self-standing. Its stand swivels and rotates up to 180°, and it even comes with a magnetic carry handle: all in all, it is convenient both to transport and to set up wherever you need light.

And what an impressive amount of light – as the name suggests, the Galaxy 1200 gives out 1,200 lumens, to a controlled but still wide highly useful 50-meter beam. It can run up to 7 hours, which isn’t the longest NightSearcher runtime, but given its light output it isn’t surprising – and this is where the convenience of recharging comes in!

If you’re looking to light a wide workspace for multiple people to operate in, you might want to consider a larger model of NightSearcher’s work lights. However, if you’re working on a construction and repair job and want to light what you’re doing hands-free, the Galaxy 1200 is the perfect option.


1,200 lumens
50 metre beam

Compact size
Work site safe
Rotating stand

Only 7 hours run-time