Nightsearcher i-Spector Flex - Rechargeable LED Inspection Light

Price £29.95

Another offering from NightSearcher’s array of practical torch solutions, the i-Spector Flex is an incredibly handy torch for you when need light hands-free and in a hard-to-reach spot.

Like all of NightSearcher’s products, this torch is for professionals and amateurs alike – anyone who finds themselves doing a spot of work or repairs in the dark and needs a hanging torch with a bit more reliability than swinging your standard pocket-torch from something and hoping the light falls where you need it. The i-Spector Flex is capable of 500 lumen of output, offering a narrow, focused beam of bright, clear LED light on a 360° flexible arm, allowing you to light up all those dark, tiny, hard-to-reach places that crop up during DIY and repairs. You can adjust this output with a dimmer switch, toggling from the full 500 all the way down to 50.

Instead of juggling a torch that doesn’t quite manage the job, you can suspend this torch, adjust the light as needed, and focus on the task at hand. It even has a magnetic base, which was great for when I used it to see how many nooks and crannies I could light up under my car bonnet. For non-magnetic surfaces, it also comes with a hanging hook. This does have the slight limitation of needing something to hang it front, and unlike some of NightSearcher’s products, this doesn’t come with a way to affix it to your person, but at a pinch, you can slide it into your front shirt pocket.

Another handy element to this torch is, of course, its recharge capabilities. This torch recharges at a USB port, capable of 16 hours of run time after a 4-hour charge. I do find that I sometimes have too many things that need charging up at USB ports at once, but with this kind of battery life, you shouldn’t need to charge it that often.

If you’re looking for a narrow, directional light, this one puts out a clear, bright beam. As with all NightSearcher torches, you not only get convenience, but everything is also made to a professional standard. For example, this torch has the added bonus of being resistant to common chemicals and workshop solvents, meaning it’s safe to use wherever you’re needing to work.


500 lumens
16 hour run time
Directional beam
Magnetic base
Hanging hook
Chemical resistant

Not easy to fix to self