Nightsearcher Navigator-620R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Price £39.95


One of the things I love about NightSearcher products is the availability of professional-grade torches at regular prices. Sure, £40 might be a high-end of what you’d pay for a torch for personal use, but with this company, you definitely get what you pay for.

The Navigator-620R is a rechargeable LED torch that delivers on light. If I think ‘rechargeable’, I tend to presume that the torch in question is going to have a dimmer, more conservative output, but in this case that couldn’t be more wrong. LEDs are able to kick out a brighter light on less energy than a traditional bulb, which is how the Navigator-620R is able to put out a beam of up to 620 lumens. Of course, you might not always need a beam to be THAT blinding, which is why you can dim or brighten the torch by degrees by pressing the on/off button. This was nicely intuitive, and what was even better was the torch’s ability to remember which light setting I’d chosen. Instead of having to cycle through every time, the torch came back at the light setting I’d left it at, which was a nice bit of attention to detail that made the experience feel very convenient.

This torch’s range is 175 meters, which is less than some hand-held NightSearcher torches, but still an extremely good range. However, its key feature, as it says in the name, is the fact that this torch is rechargeable. Some torches do this through a portable charging station, which, whilst convenient, can get a bit bulky. If you already know that you’ll have easy access to USB charging points, such as at home or in your car, then this USB-rechargeable torch is a smart option. Why stress about batteries when we’re surrounded by USB ports? The torch even has a helpful light to show you your battery levels.

Like many of NightSearcher’s torches, this model had a fantastic grip and a sturdy Type III hard anodised aluminium casing, which makes it impact resistant up to one meter. It also has an IPX7 water resistance rating, which means it’s basically waterproof. All in all, this is a reliable torch that does everything you could want it to at a high level, and you don’t need to worry about the waste of burning through batteries – that’s greener and more convenient!



620 lumens
175 meter beam
Remembers light setting
Sturdy case
Good grip
IPX7 water resistance