Nightsearcher Micro-1000 Compact Rechargeable LED Worklight
Price £31.15

We’ve seen a lot of worklights from NightSearcher, but this little lamp is nuts. When lighting a large area, one generally ends up dealing with hefty lighting set-ups, or else beams that are nowhere near bright enough. The Micro-1000, like its name suggests, is compact in size, but kicks out a crazy ­1000 lumens of light.

To give you an idea of scale, this lamp can fit in your palm, but it still throws out a 90 degree beam of bright, truly impressive light.
On the packaging and the manual, it does state the runtime is 1 to 2 hours, however this is incorrect, as it runs for 2 to 4 hours.  This runtime cannot be criticised as it gives such a strong beam. And fortunately, it is rechargeable, which makes this life-span is not a problem. 

You can use the Micro-1000 either by attaching it to a metal surface using its magnetic base, or by hooking it in place. The bulb can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing its spotlight to fall wherever you need, and its hardy casing seems nice and robust. I would have preferred for it to be padded, to protect it (and you) from knocks and falls, as I like to see this extra level of safety on anything that might be scattered around a worksite. However, it does tick the other box of being a bright orange colour, making it nice and visible even when its stunning 1000 lumen output isn’t lit.

This light is perfect if you have an area to light and not much in the way of free space in order to set them up. Small and out of the way, this light will flood an area without getting underfoot – just make sure to keep it charged.


Bright, clear 1000 lumen LED light
90° beam
Magnetic base
Aluminium heat sink
Safety orange