Nightsearcher Tri-Spector - 3 in 1 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light Kit

Price £59.95


Can’t decide which of NightSearcher’s many products to buy? Then maybe you should try this three-in-one product, the punnily named Tri-Spector. This product combines three of the company’s inspection light designs, making a kit that comes to a far lower price than buying all pieces of gear separately.

The issue I’ve had when reviewing NightSearcher’s inspection lights in the past is deciding which I would choose if I had to opt for only one. Each one offers different vantage points, such as wide beams, directional beams, different manners of holding, hanging or fixing it, etc. Each has its merits, and nothing has every feature at one – or, that was the case until the Tri-Spector came along. This lighting kit offers pretty much everything you could need: an 80lumen torch with a rotatable light head, a 600 lumen inspection lamp with a directional neck, and a rotatable standing flood beam lamp.

This, for me, seems to be the ultimate purchase out of NightSearcher’s inspection kits, because it covers all of the bases. You can’t always predict what sort of take you may be doing and what type of light source would be best, and with this product, you don’t need to. Like all of the company’s inspection kids, the Tri-Spector has a hardy base that can withstand knocks and workshop chemicals, a hook for hanging it in place and a magnetic base for fixing it to metal surfaces. The bulbs are LEDs, producing clear, bright beams, and the device is rechargeable. If you don’t want to get caught out and want to make sure you’re prepared for any situation, this seems the safest, most versatile way to go.


Key Features:
Three lights in one
Torch, beam or posable spot light
360° rotating head
Magnetic base
Hanging hook
1 metre impact resistant
Resistant to common chemicals & solvents