Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher


If you have ever enjoyed watching Robot Wars on TV, then I can guarantee you are going to love the Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher by Silverlit. The only downside is that there’s no cheeky banter from Craig Charles or mesmerising commentary from Jonathan Pearce - you’ll have to make that up yourself!

This is certainly going to be a contentious addition to any stocking filler this Christmas. As the box alludes, balloons are going to be burst. Though it is recommended for ages 5+, it might be worth keeping this away from younger or more audibly sensitive children. The main premise to this game is that you get to control a robot fighter that possesses a balloon head. The two controllers make this a multiplayer game, but you can also switch on the challenge mode and battle against AI. The joystick comes with a simple button configuration; you have a full range of movement with the robot fighter and can punch with both the left and right arms, plus you can use the combo punch too. Go head to head, pop your opponent’s balloon and claim victory!

The packet comes with 24 different multicoloured balloons, allowing the fighting to go on for a while. Of course, you will run out of balloons eventually, but everyday balloons will do the job once you require some more.

So, whether you need to ease the tension after a heated family Christmas dinner, or if you have a score to settle with your sibling, then the Silverlit Balloon Puncher will be getting heavy usage and will inevitably let you go out with a bang!



Fun for whole family
Easy to use
Playful design