BBhugme Maternity Support Belt

Ladies - we wear bras for support every day, so when we’re dealing with a growing baby bump, we can find ourselves longing for a similar kind of support there. A lot of the options out there, though, look intimidatingly medical and not all that comfortable – that is, until I saw this one from bbhugme.

This Maternity Support Belt has a subtle look that isn’t too bulky and can slip under or over most clothes easily – whatever works best for you. Unlike some of the hefty things out there, this is easy to put on, and it feels more like wearing a piece of workout kit than a whole medical apparatus, which is how other designs have made me feel. It’s even made of sportwear fabric, for stretch, comfort and breathability. Wearing this belt helps to support your pelvis and lower back, which can end up under huge amounts of strain without some sort of help. However, it still keeps your core muscles active, which means you won’t end up relying on the belt and ending up with a weak core once the baby is here. A balance between your core muscles and your lower back is the key to a comfortable life, and definitely not something to throw out of balance before all that standing by a crib waiting in the future!

The bbhugme Maternity Support Belt is designed by female chiropractors who specialise in pre-natal healthcare, and you can tell. This belt feels like it was made by people who understand what you need: it’s comfortable, it’s soft, it breathes, and it instantly makes your baby bump feel much better. Like all products from bbhugme, it’s that attention to detail and sense of being understood that appeals to me. The website even has an instructional video to help you pick the right size option for you, which is extremely helpful. Like buying a bra, getting the right size is so important in order to get the support you need, but unlike bras, we’re not used to working out our size for this!

This product is fantastic and instantly makes such a noticeable difference. My only critique is it would have been nice if it came in different colours – then it would be easier to pass off as an accessory with different outfits and would be a bit of fun. However, this criticism is minor – it already looks so much better than most maternity belts out there, and it was so easy and comfortable to integrate into my day-to-day. Thank you, bbhugme!


Pelvis and lower back support
Keeps core active

I wish there were more colours