Peli 0915 Waterproof Memory Card Case

The 0915 Water resistant Memory Card Case by Peli Products UK is a fairly self-explanatory piece of equipment. It allows you to carry 12 SD cards, 6 mini SD cards and 6 micro SD cards with you on the move. Nowadays SD cards are not as common in phones due to the improvements of internal memory ability. However, if you are a budding photographer, film maker or vlogger, then this maybe a crucial bit of kit.

If you’re on the go or in the field on an assignment, you can be reassured that your memory cards will be safe, as this case is produced with a tough polycarbonate resin with a shock absorbing foam insert. This will keep your memory cards protected from breaking, even on location in rough conditions. The water resistance of the case will also keep your mind at ease, knowing that the IPX4 rated seal will protect your memory cards from potential leakages.

As well as being safe, this case will keep your memory cards well organised, making them clear to view and whip out when you’re busy without needing to sort through a messy stack.

All in all, the 0915 Water resistant Memory Card Case by Peli is a sturdy piece of hardware that will keep your data safe on your SD cards no matter what the weather is.



Shock absorbency
Water-resistant tight seal
Keeps your cards tidy