BioLite HeadLamp 750

The new HeadLamp 750 by BioLite is a professional level head torch that will certainly brighten up your day. It is USB rechargeable, provides you with a maximum output of 750 lumens, and has a variety of features that will provide you with all the lighting options that you desire.

The HeadLamp 750 is the elite option of BioLite products. It comes with 3 more lighting options than any of the other head torches in their range: White Spot, White Strobe, White Flood, Red Flood, Spot & Flood, 30 Second Burst, Rear Red Flood, and Rear Red Strobe. The 30 Second Burst and rear light options are only available on the 750 model, so if you require people to see you from behind, then the HeadLamp 750 is probably your best bet.

This product’s 3D Slim-fit construction means that you will be able to wear your head torch with maximum comfort. BioLite have integrated the electronics of the device into the band that wraps around your head and have created a flush low-profile on the front, meaning that you won’t get any bounce or movement while you’re on the go. The power unit is in the back of the HeadLamp; this distributes the weight of the torch and will keep the pressure off your forehead while the headband contains moisture-wicking properties so that you keep nice and dry. After wearing the BioLite HeadLamp 750 for over an hour, I honestly forgot that I was wearing it, and could have happily kept it on for a few more hours too.

As this is the pro edition by BioLite, the HeadLamp 750 comes equipped with a couple of pro features that make this product float above the competition. The Constant Mode keeps you in control of the number of lumens that the HeadLamp is giving off. Apparently, most other head torches decrease the number of lumens over time in order to conserve energy, and because your eyes are becoming adjusted to the dark. However, with 150 hours low, 7 hours high and 8 hours reserve means that you will maintain clear visibility for this whole period. The second pro feature is Run Forever. Because the HeadLamp 750 is rechargeable via the mini-USB port, you also gain the benefit of being able to charge it whilst you are using it. This increases the run-time to way over 7-hours on high usage, or its incredible 150-hours on low usage. I cannot even think of an example of when you would need to be submerged in darkness for such a long period of time. Maybe you fell into a cave with the convenience of having your portable USB charger on your person, or maybe you are spending winter in the artic circle, where it is night-time all the time!

This is a nifty piece of kit by BioLite. If you are professional that spends a lot of time wearing a head torch, then the HeadLamp 750 is exactly what you require. Though the cost of this product is quite dear, bear in mind that it is an incredibly important piece of equipment, particularly for your safety, and quality of light and the runtime that you will receive from the HeadLamp 750 are second to none.



Constant Mode
Run Forever Mode