By now, everyone has heard of the PopSocket’s – it's taken to be the word on convenience when it comes to holding your phone (something we hold for so long every day that we need additional help in making it the hand-extension it is in our hearts), but what if there was a product that did everything a pop socket does, and then some?

From the creator who brought us the CouchCoaster comes the Phonetag. This little gadget is a three-in-one phone stand, holder and magnet, aiming to offer every kind of convenience going.  This rotatable little device sticks onto the back of your phone and pops out to provide a landscape or portrait stand, the hole in it makes for a comfortable ring-hold, and it has a built-in magnet compatible with magnetic mounts e.g. for use in the car and around the home.

This little tag attaches easily and feels extremely secure – I can wave my hand around and have no fear that it’s going to fly away. For a fair test, I tried it on a variety of phones: for most, it worked perfectly, though on the tallest phone I tried, I did have to make a couple of attempts to get it to stand horizontally. To be fair, though, this phone was the Infinix Zero8, which is even taller than the Samsung S20+, so that was a rare exception! With every other phone, it worked without a problem, at the right angle to make them great for video calls and scrolling, and staying securely in place thanks to the tag’s rubber foot.

When on a stand, you can tilt your phone between 45° to 60° vertically, and 40° to 85° horizontally. When held in your hand, you can take selfies with ease, can text and browse more comfortably, and generally feel free from the risk of dropping your phone! Best of all, the Phonetag can sit flat to your phone, so you’ll have no trouble slipping it into your pocket as usual.

My only criticism for the Phonetag is that it doesn’t have the Popsocket’s potential for funky designs. It is finished to a nice quality and is available in metallic black, silver or ever-popular rose gold, but to truly complete an aesthetic accessory, I think it’s going to need a far wider range of colours. However, if you’d rather pick substance over colourful Youtuber merch, the Phonetag already has you covered.


Three-in-one phone stand, holder, magnet
Comfortable to hold
Lies flat

Needs more colours