Gtech HeadWave Patio Heater

Now more than ever, we are utilising our outside spaces. Due to the pandemic, I think I have sat outside in pub beer gardens or café seating areas on the street more than ever. At home, too, I seem to be embracing the weather no matter what the forecast is. However, as winter beckons on us, it is going to be harder and harder to justify sitting outside to read my book in the sub-zero temperatures. I think I might need a heat lamp.

The new Gtech HeatWave Patio Heater is exactly the type of device I require for my garden. With up to 2kW of power, the Gtech HeatWave will heat up in a matter of seconds and provide warmth up to a range of 6 metres.

Out of the box, the Gtech HeatWave Patio Heater is incredibly easy to install. It comes readily assembled, and all you need to do is attach it to a wall in your garden using the fixings provided with the box. Set up can be done in a matter of moments. If you are not planning to use the Gtech for a while, then you can also disassemble it and store it with ease in a drawer or kitchen cupboard: it is very compact and only measures up to 570x105mm.

Once installed and plugged in, all you need to do it switch it on and you’re ready to go. The infrared technology means that you will be provided with instant heat whilst also feeling natural and not too overwhelmingly hot. The Gtech HeatWave is completely weather-proof, which really should be a given seeing as it will only be used at more precarious times of the year. Even though it is compact and easy enough to uninstall, feel comfortable leaving it outside whatever the weather.

According to Gtech, the cost of running the HeatWave is approximately 30p per hour. As it uses infrared and the latest heating technology, this outdoor heater uses low energy at a low cost. The lower wattage of heater means that almost 100% of the electricity used to power it is transformed into heat used to warm you up. There is no waste: no noise and barely any light or internal overheating of the product.

This is a wonderful piece of kit that will keep you nice and toasty in the forthcoming winter months. As it is easy to set up, easy to use, and does exactly what it says it does, it is hard to find any faults in the Gtech HeatWave Patio Heater. My only criticism would be that it is not very portable. Though you can assemble and disassemble it with relative ease, you must always be near a mains socket and a wall to get use out of it. If you have a big garden and usually sit further than 6 metres away from a solid wall, or simply do not have a solid wall suitable for installation, then you might have to find another outdoor heater. However, this does not hinder the quality of this product, and I am sure Gtech HeatWave will enable you to enjoy the brisk outdoors this winter whilst staying comfortably warm.



Instant Heat
Easy to use/set up

Not portable