Ion8 Water Bottles

Ion8 Leak Proof Steel Water Bottle, Vacuum Insulated, 320ml: £16.99
Ion8 Leak Proof Steel Water Bottle, Vacuum Insulated, 500ml: £19.99
Ion8 Leak Proof Kids’ Water Bottle, Stainless Steel, 400ml: £9.99

In our quests to live greener lives, many of us have finally turned away from disposable plastic bottles and have instead turned to reusable ones that can come with us on the go. The new problem is, there are so MANY bottles to choose from, how are you meant to pick out the right one?

The stress I have from a lot of bottles is that, no matter how carefully I close them, they still manage to leak, which makes them wet and annoying to hold and can ruin my stuff – a real faff when you’re out shopping or at the gym! (not that I’ve done much of either of those lately). However, Ion8 has developed technology that keeps your bottle leak proof, using their OneTouch and OneTwist technology. We received some bottles to test out, and we can safely say – they don’t leak!

We received three bottles from Ion8 to review: the Vacuum Insulated, Leak Proof Steel Water Bottle, 500ml in navy; the Vacuum Insulated, Leak Proof Steel Water Bottle, 320ml in purple; and the Stainless Steel Leak Proof Kids’ Water Bottle, 400ml in blue. Whilst Ion8 has a wide range of battle and flask designs, the overall design of all three products was similar, but of course featured some important differences. For one thing, Ion8 allows you to select exactly what you’re looking for from your bottle, including the width (out of the Pod, Slim and Quench styles) and whether your bottle is steel, insulated or a sports style, which determines its weight vs its insulation value.

To compare the differences between our bottles, I’ll start with size. The smaller of our two bottles for adults was, naturally, easier to carry by hand, but I found that both were more comfortable and natural to hold onto than I expected. It was aided by the bottle’s comfortable width and a surface that wasn’t too slippery. The insulation in the two that had it was fantastic, keeping drinks hot or cold for the entire time I was out. As for the kid’s cup, its stainless steel kept it just as insulated, but nowhere near the same weight, which is ideal for a child.
Our permanent bottle has become something of a statement piece accessory to us, and thankfully, Ion8 has acknowledged that by providing every bottle in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. At the end of the day, many of us will pick our bottle based on look, not practicality, but with Ion8 bottles, it seems you can have both!

I was really impressed by these bottles, and if you visit the Ion8 website, you’ll see all the other options they have available. Whether you’re looking for a water bottle to last you the day, a smaller flask to replace disposable coffee cups, or even something to hold your soup, Ion8 has the product for you, in whatever fit, material and colour you choose!


Selectable insulation, weight and width levels
Good insulation
Comfortable to hold
Wide range of colours and patterns