JR Puralife P-Series Air Purifiers

P.20: £289.00
P.30: £339.00


The past year, many of us have been inside more than usual, and we have also been giving more thought to the quality of our air and the strength of our lungs. The more time we spend inside, the more dust and other particles we’re breathing that affect the quality of the air we’re taking in. However, purifiers like the JR Puralife P-Series can capture these particles and clean up our air, making our homes healthier to live in, even in the cold winter months when we want our windows firmly shut!

According to Juicy Retreats, the JR Puralife P-Series purifiers can remove up to 99.97% of the harmful particles in your air. This includes dust, fluff, pet dander and pollen​​, mould and airborne bacteria, industrial emissions, odours, benzyne, formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide, and even ultrafine nanoparticles, viruses and germs! Given the current global climate, that’s extremely good news indeed.

Granted, these purifiers aren’t cheap, but for that sort of peace of mind, I’d consider it. The air in my home definitely felt fresher after using these – I felt more energised and generally a bit healthier, and the air didn’t feel as dense. We’ve recently bought a puppy, so the house has been filled with all sorts, so knowing the air was clear definitely made us feel better about it!

So, how do these purifiers work? They combine various filters, such as a carbon filter and H13 antibacterial filters, to capture and kill the particles you don’t want in the air, and then kick that cleaner air back out into the room. They also use pre-filters, UVC light and an Anion Ionisor to further neutralise the air that passes through them.

I was happily surprised to find that these purifiers run quietly, as I was under the impression that they tend to make quite a noticeable sound. You can also toggle between two speeds, which greater reduces the noise when you want to whilst still keeping the purifier running. Their appearance is simple and neutral, letting you tuck them away anywhere in your home.

All in all, these purifiers are un-obtrusive and do a useful job that greatly improves the hygiene of your home. I never considered an air purifier before, but testing these products may have changed my mind – especially given the world we live in today.


5 filter layer system
Two speed settings
Neutral design
Removes up to 99.97% air pollutants
Kills airborne bacteria and viruses