I have been experiencing the highs and lows of home office set-ups during lockdown (and Lockdown Two: The Sequel), so as you can imagine, I was thrilled to receive a series of products to test from Humanscale. Based in New York, Humanscale is a company that focuses on producing ergonomic, carefully designed office furniture and accessories that aim to give you the healthiest, most comfortable office set-up you can get, and to look stylish into the bargain. Let’s face it – when we evolved, we weren’t evolving to sit in one spot for our 9 to 5, so when we’re at work, we need to take care of ourselves. This became more apparent to me than ever during lockdown, as I spent months hopping from one chair to another in my house looking for somewhere to hunker down with a laptop, and my back hasn’t thanked me for it! Now, finally, I’ve put together a proper office space. So, how did these products from Humanscale fit in?


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I am definitely guilty of hunching over my laptop, and even when I have a decent desk and a good desk chair, sitting at a laptop every day still takes a toll on my shoulders and back. I try to stretch, keep good posture, everything, but still, I can feel that tension in my shoulders mounting when I sit and type. The L6 Laptop Holder from Humanscale seeks to combat this issue by giving you a healthier, convenient laptop set-up that mimics that of a desktop.

When I first saw the L6, I was surprised by its front panel. This panel covers your laptop keys –granted, most laptop holders do presume that you’re going to pair your device with a keyboard, but what I like about most of them is that your laptop keyboard is still reachable, meaning you have a choice. This lack of choice in the L6 seems to remove an element of convenience, in my opinion.

Apart from this, however, the L6 has many brilliant features. I appreciated the way it keeps your cables tidy – you thread them through the back on either side, and the holder frame keeps them neat and in place. This does slow down a quick get-away if you include your charge cable in the mix, but the idea is that you use these for keyboards, additional monitors etc – anything that you place to leave in the office when you turn your laptop back into a laptop and take it home.

This holder is surprisingly lightweight, which I always appreciate, and it is also adjustable, allowing you to select the exact height and tilt that’s comfortable for you. Its base also swivels, which is a fun detail that makes it easier to show your screen to others in a collaborative setting. Its movements were smooth and it held whatever angle you adjusted it to well. Possibly its best feature, for me, was the forethought that has gone into heat ventilation: unlike many laptop holders, this one leaves move of your laptop’s base exposed to the air, which greatly reduces its chances of overheating. I was very impressed by this detail, and I’m sure my laptop appreciated it.

Personally, I wish this holder didn’t have its front panel, but even so, it is a very slick, well-made desk accessory. Being able to have the full desktop computer experience (comfort wise) and then smoothly transition back into having a laptop is definitely convenient. And, in defence of the front panel, it provides a great place to stick a research print-out or many, many post-it notes!


Easily adjustable
Holds its position
Keeps cables neat

Requires an external keyboard