Utillian 421 Vaporizer by TVAPE

It wasn’t too long ago that we had the pleasure of reviewing the Utillian 421 Vaporizer’s predecessor, the Utillian 420 Vaporizer. We gave this previous edition the perfect rating -5/5. Personally, I didn’t think there was any room for improvement but the 421 has certainly proved me wrong!

Once again, in the box you get the vape, a mouthpiece shield, a packing tool, additional mesh screens, and a USB charger. Aesthetically, I cannot tell these two vapes apart, other than that the 421 may be a little bit shorter at a mere 4 inches tall. This is not a problem however, as the good solid design was already perfected on the 420 model. We were presented with the black Utillian 421 Vaporizer to review, but if you want to jazz it up a little bit, the same model also comes in silver, titanium, and gun metal. If I wasn’t able to have the black one, I would probably choose the titanium option, as this seems rather stylish.

It seems that the main upgrades to the 421 are internal. This new model boasts a full hour of battery life, which is perfect on the go, and means you won’t have to recharge so frequently between sessions. In fact, this is 15 minutes more than you got on the 420, meaning you can have around 3 more rounds on the 421, which makes all the difference! The other major difference with the 421 model is that there are now six temperature options available: 180°c, 190°c, 200°c, 210°c, 220°c, 230°c. Though there are now a wider range of options to customize your vaping experience, I don’t know if this will make a difference to too many users. Personally, I like to keep the vape at a middling temperature to maintain a good flavour and to make sure I can use the same dry herb a few more times. However, this is all down to personal preference, you can now either vape the same dry herb for much longer on 180°c, or sabotage the flavour and really toast your dry herb on 230°c. In this case, you will definitely need to make use of the mouthpiece shield. As well as changing the temperature, the digital display on the Utillian 421 Vaporizer also shows you the battery level so you know when you’ll have to recharge. You can also control the airflow on the vape too which will please many users.

Overall, this is another fine vape created by the lovely people at Utillian. Whereas the 420 Vaporizer would be suitable for beginners, I believe the 421 Vaporizer would probably be better for an intermediate vaper, as on this model you are able to customize your experience much more, and it is slightly more expensive – retailing at $74.99. A must buy for any budding dry herb enthusiasts!


More temperature options

Longer battery life

Lovely colour options



RRP $74.99

Rating 5/5

Purchase internationally: https://tvape.com/utillian-421.html

Purchase in Europe/UK: https://tvape.de/utillian-421.html