Well, this really is a little one. The LITL 1 is a back-to-basics vaporizer, ideally for those who have never vaped dry herbs before and want to give it a go without having to break the bank.

In the box you just get the vape and a charging cable. The vape itself is a minimalist design, sleek, black, with a single button for operation. It is very easy to load up with dry herb and turn on – simply press the button quickly five times. Once it is on, the vaporizer takes only 45 seconds to heat up, then you’re ready to go!

There is only one temperature available for the LITL 1, this is 215°c. Personally, this is a bit too hot, and you can certainly tell that it isn’t particularly good at maintaining the integrity of the flavour. That said, it does the job, smokes well with a good draw from the airflow control, and your dry herb will still provide you will all the positive effects that you desire.

Overall, this is going to have to be a little review for the LITL 1. If you are a true beginner, and maybe haven’t even had experiences with dry herbs before, this will probably be the vaporizer for you. It is incredibly easy to use and does what it says on the packet. For anyone who is a more advanced beginner, or knows that they enjoy a smooth flavour, I would maybe spend a little bit more money on vaporizer with more temperature options.

RRP $39.99


Lovely design, small and discreet
Easy one button usage


Only one temperature option

Rating 3/5

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