To start off with, the Zeus Iceborn is certainly one a kind! If you have ever packed the straight tube of your bong with ice cubes before, then you will be familiar with this concept. The Zeus Iceborn acts as ice filtration for your vaporizing device. The V2 is conveniently compatible with almost all vaporizer models too.

To use the Zeus Iceborn V2, you need to fill the main chamber with water, to the level indicated inside, then stick this in your freezer for a few hours. Next, you take the long tube and attach the mouthpiece, attach the other end to the outer hole of the chamber. Then, choose the tube that has the best diameter for your vaporizer and attach this between the Zeus Iceborn and your device. Whether you use a dry herb vaporizer or a wax pen, the tubes will hopefully fit. It is now simply a case of loading up and turning on your device, and once it is ready to go, you can inhale through the mouthpiece on the longer tube.

You will notice instantly how much smoother the draw is and how thick the clouds of vape become. The flavour profile of your dry herb will be increased tenfold, and the smooth draw will maintain itself for the entire session. The Zeus Iceborn means that your handheld device can become a static tabletop device. The long tube and mouthpiece also mean that this is perfect for sharing on a social occasion.

I rate this piece of equipment incredibly highly. The ice filtration makes such a difference to your vaping experience. Even if you have a handheld vape with a variety of temperature options and airflow options, you won’t get a smoke as smooth as this. Secondly, the ability to turn your handheld device into a tabletop device is incredibly convenient. Something like the Volcano can empty your wallet for a long while, but the Zeus Iceborn is nowhere near as dear, and will be an incredibly valuable upgrade for such a small value.

Honestly, this is one of the coolest vaping products I’ve ever seen. And I mean as cool as ice. You will certainly have to think ahead before using this, as you will want to freeze the water in the chamber, but this will worth your while. This is highly recommended for anyone who values the integrity of flavour or wants to upgrade to a tabletop device but doesn’t have the budget.


Ingenious idea

Smooth draw

Budget option


Takes a while to set up

RRP $34.99

Rating 4/5

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