Aqua Sphere - Fastlane Unisex Goggles

Having the right goggles is such an important part of swimming – if they don’t fit comfortably against your face or aren’t clear to see through, they can become a distraction through your whole swimming experience. The Fastlane series from Aqua Sphere are unisex goggles that are designed to be both comfortable and aquadynamic, with a slim and minimal design that helps you to cut through the water with as little extra resistance as possible.

These curved goggles have silicone inner gaskets that sit really nicely against the skin, keeping water out without feeling uncomfortable. These micro gaskets have been designed to make sure that they are as aquadynamic as the lenses, keeping the whole design streamlined. As for lenses, we received titanium mirrored lenses, which are perfect for outdoor swimming and other bright light conditions, as they protect your eyes and also make it easier to see through bright glare in the water.

Goggles with titanium mirrored lenses are priced at £26.50, but you can also buy the Fastlane goggles with simple smoked lenses, at £17.50, or silver mirrored lenses at £22.50. I would recommend mirrored lenses of some kind, as they do protect your eyes better and provide much clearer vision. The added bonus of the titanium lenses is that they come in a range of lens colours (pink, red, blue or gold), which heighten the contract of what you’re seeing and allow you to see it more clearly in the water.

Lastly, the nose bridge on these goggles has four settings, which should mean that one goggle fits all, or there abouts!

All in all, these goggles fit comfortably, they work with your face instead of against it, they’re streamlined (though with a big bulky human behind them, there’s only so much of a boost they can give you!) and the mirrored lenses really do make a big difference. If you don’t have access to a pool right now, you’re probably looking forward to pools and gyms opening up again, and these would be a great piece of kit to have with you when they do.


Adjustable nose bridge
Mirrored lens
Multiple colours
Affordable price